The Story


Hi! I'm Chelsie. Jewelry designer by day, homeowning, plant-whispering, good-vibes-summoner the rest of the time. Spirit House is a project about that, because therapy is expensive and my friends are busy.   

In 2014, we bought our first home – an 87 year-old brick craftsman in the historic Dogtown neighborhood of St. Louis. As we tackled the initial sprucing and repairs, it didn't take us long to lovingly name the house Ngern Hom, an old Thai name that means "the smell of money." A minimalist and DIYer by nature, I became obsessed with mindfully crafting great house vibes without going broke.

why spirit house?

Spirit house is just my way of thinking of spaces that really speak to me. You know, like a spirit animal but in house form! We've all walked into a really special space and been all, "Duuude, this place is like, totally my spirit house." Yeah, that. That's the feeling I'm after. My approach is less about strictly "decorating" and more about communicating warmth and essence, where you feel all the good feels. I'm just workin' toward that spirit house, man. One day at a time.